Lottery Games - Latest Results

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Lottery Games - Latest Results

The most important lotto games in the world. Find information about lottery games such as draw close time and cost of entry. We provides lottery results, payouts, analysis, statistics, reviews, news and trivia.

  • United States Powerball

    United States Powerball

    United States Powerball is one of America’s biggest lottery games and best-known lotteries across the globe, with jackpots starting at $40 million and snowballing into amazing prize pools!

  • United States Mega Millions

    United States Mega Millions

    In Mega Millions lottery for just $1, you could win the multi-state Mega Millions jackpot, which starts at $15 million.Drawings are held Tuesday and Friday nights at 11:00 p.m., Eastern Time...

  • Europe EuroMillions

    Europe EuroMillions

    EuroMillions is a European lottery that takes place on Tuesday and Friday evenings. Whereas national lotteries are generally limited to the residents of participating countries.

  • South Africa Powerball

    South Africa Powerball

    South Africa Powerball is the South Africa lottery that attracts attention from lottery fans around the world! This lottery draws every Tuesday and Friday at 21.30 CAT offering eight amazing...

  • South African Lotto

    South African Lotto

    South Africa Lotto is one of the most popular lotteries in the country! South Africa Lotto’s draws take place every Wednesday and Saturday.

  • Canada Lotto 6/49

    Canada Lotto 6/49

    Canada Lotto 6/49 is one of Canada’s leading lotteries, making new Canadian millionaires every week with its fabulous jackpots and amazing secondary prizes.

  • Europe EuroJackpot

    Europe EuroJackpot

    EuroJackpot is Europe’s hottest new lottery sensation and offers lottery fans jackpots that start at €10 million and 12 different ways to tax-free win prizes in every Friday draw.

  • Quebec 49

    Quebec 49

    Loto-Quebec created the Quebec 49 lottery for players in the province of Quebec. You need select 7 ball of 49. The draws of this lotto take place twice a week on Wednesday and Saturday.

  • Western 649

    Western 649

    Western 649 is the West's own game, available only in the Prairie Provinces and the Territories of Canada. Western 649 draw every Wednesday and Saturday and you could win up to $2,000,000.

  • Atlantic 49

    Atlantic 49

    Atlantic 49 also guarantees a $25,649 Atlantic Canadian prize winner for every draw. Draws held every Wednesday and Saturday. Each ticket gives you a chance to win $1,000,000.

  • Lottario


    Lottario lottery is creating for players in the province of Ontario. In Lottario draws seven balls are drawn at random with balls numbered 1 to 46. Draws take place once a week on Saturday.

  • Florida Lotto

    Florida Lotto

    The Florida Lotto draws twice a week, every Wednesday and Saturday at 23:15 EST and offers four exciting prize categories.

  • Florida Lucky Money

    Florida Lucky Money

    Florida Lucky Money is the newest lottery from the Sunshine State, offering jackpots that start at $500,000 and can rollover to the jackpot cap of $2 million. Tickets cost $1 per play.Drawin...

  • Russia Gosloto 6/45

    Russia Gosloto 6/45

    Russian Gosloto 6/45 lottery offers a game format where players must choose 6 numbers out of 45. To win the grand prize, players must correctly guess all 6 numbers drawn.

  • Brazil Mega Sena

    Brazil Mega Sena

    Brazil Mega Sena lottery is the popular national lottery that occurs every Wednesday and Saturday, offering the most exciting draws in Brazil.

  • New York Cash4Life

    New York Cash4Life

    New York Cash4Life hails from the Big Apple, offering a $7 million prize twice a week. Match just five numbers out of a 1-60 pool and the Cash Ball to win the jackpot every Monday and Thurs...

  • New Jersey Cash4Life

    New Jersey Cash4Life

    Cash4Life is a lottery game that began in New York and New Jersey. Drawings are on Mondays and Thursdays and you can win $1,000-per-day-for-life.

  • Italy SuperStar

    Italy SuperStar

    Italy SuperStar is an exciting variation of SuperEnalotto, one of Italy and Europe's biggest lotto names. SuperStar draw every week on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.

  • Italy SuperEnalotto

    Italy SuperEnalotto

    SuperEnalotto is the Italian lottery that has distributed some of Europe’s biggest jackpots! The lottery draws winning numbers three times a week, every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.

  • Brazil Quina

    Brazil Quina

    Brazil Quina is one of the rare lotteries that offers draw six times a week, giving players more chances to win one of Brazil’s most exciting lotteries.

  • New Jersey Pick 6 XTRA

    New Jersey Pick 6 XTRA

    The New Jersey Pick Six is a popular American lottery that inspiring players to take a shot at its attractive jackpots. Pick-6 XTRA drawings are held Monday and Thursday at 7:58 P.M.

  • Australia Monday Lotto

    Australia Monday Lotto

    The Australian Monday Lotto is drawn every Monday with tax-free prizes, and a fixed guaranteed jackpot of AU $1 million to winner. All that you need are six lucky numbers.

  • Oregon Megabucks

    Oregon Megabucks

    Oregon Megabucks is the American state lottery that has created over 240 millionaires. Lottery draws 6 numbers from a set of 48 every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday

  • Greece Joker

    Greece Joker

    Greece Joker is a popular lottery in Greece, offering players the chance to win a jackpot that has no cap. Draws for the Greece Joker are twice every week on a Thursday and Sunday.

  • Loteria Romana 6/49

    Loteria Romana 6/49

    The Loteria Romana holds lottery drawings twice a week on Thursday and Sunday, and players can take home a prize for matching as few as three numbers.

  • Hoosier Lotto

    Hoosier Lotto

    Hoosier Lotto jackpots begin at $1 Million. Hoosier Lotto drawings held on Wednesdays and Saturdays around 11:00 p.m, and uses a 6/48 matrix.

  • Poland Lotto

    Poland Lotto

    The Poland Lotto is a favorite European national lottery that has been played for more than half a century and is renowned for its unlimited jackpots and draws every Tuesday, Thursday and Sa...

  • Spain La Primitiva

    Spain La Primitiva

    La Primitiva is the world’s oldest established lottery! The Spanish lottery broke all records. La Primitiva draws on Thursday and Saturday.

  • New Zealand Powerball

    New Zealand Powerball

    New Zealand Powerball offering exciting jackpots and secondary prize categories with amazing winning odds found only in New Zealand! The draw takes place once a week on a Saturday night.

  • Irish Lotto

    Irish Lotto

    The Ireland Lotto’s 45-number guess range and bonus number offer players impressive winning odds, more prize categories, and some of Europe’s most impressive prizes.

  • Brazil Dupla Sena

    Brazil Dupla Sena

    The Dupla Sena Lotto is one of Brazil’s premier lotto with a unique format that offers players the ability to enter a single set of numbers in two consecutive draws.

  • California SuperLotto Plus

    California SuperLotto Plus

    California SuperLotto Plus is one of the biggest US state lotteries on the market. California SuperLotto Plus draws every Wednesday and Saturday, offering impressives secondary prizes.

  • Germany Lotto 6aus49

    Germany Lotto 6aus49

    Lotto is Germany’s favorite lottery, offering jackpots that have reached as high as €45.4 million. All Germany Lotto prizes are tax-free and draws every Wednesday and Saturday

  • United Kingdom National Lottery

    United Kingdom National Lottery

    Lotto UK, also known as UK Lotto or the UK National Lottery, is the UK lottery with huge jackpots and amazing secondary prizes. The draw is conducted on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

  • France EuroMillions & My Million raffle

    France EuroMillions & My Million raffle

    France EuroMillions & My Million raffle is the French version of the EuroMillions, drawing every Tuesday and Friday, With staggering jackpots and amazing 12 secondary prizes.

  • United Kingdom EuroMillions

    United Kingdom EuroMillions

    United Kingdom EuroMillions, fantastic lottery is played identically to EuroMillions. EuroMillions & UK Millionaire Maker draws twice a week, every Tuesday and Friday.

  • Australia Powerball Lotto

    Australia Powerball Lotto

    Australia Powerball is one of Australia’s biggest lotteries with huge jackpots on a weekly basis, tax-free! Australia Powerball is drawn weekly on Thursday nights.

  • New York Lotto

    New York Lotto

    The New York Lotto is popular state-wide, match between three and six numbers on your New York Lotto ticket to win. Enter the next New York Lotto draw online each Wednesday and Saturday

  • Australia Wednesday Lotto

    Australia Wednesday Lotto

    The Australian Wednesday Lotto is drawn every Wednesday with tax-free prizes, and a fixed guaranteed jackpot of AU $1 million to winner. All that you need are six lucky numbers.

  • Australia Oz Lotto

    Australia Oz Lotto

    Oz Lotto is everyone’s favourite Australian lottery and prizes that are completely tax-free! Oz Lotto is drawn weekly at 8:30pm on Tuesday nights.

  • Hot Lotto

    Hot Lotto

    Hot Lotto is a multi-state lottery game. To play Hot Lotto you simply pick five white numbers from 1 to 47 and one HOT BALL. Hot Lotto drawings are held Wednesday and Saturday.

  • Colombia Baloto

    Colombia Baloto

    Colombia Baloto is Colombia's leading lottery, drawing millions of people to play every Wednesday and Saturday.

  • Australia Saturday Lotto

    Australia Saturday Lotto

    The Australian Saturday Lotto is drawn every Saturday with tax-free prizes. Saturday Lotto gets rolled over into a Superdraw in which the first division can reach over $20 Million.

  • Hungary Otoslotto

    Hungary Otoslotto

    The Hungary Otoslotto or Otos Lottó is one of the two most popular games in the Hungarian lottery portfolio. The Hungary Otoslotto draw once every week on Saturdays

  • Italy SiVinceTutto

    Italy SiVinceTutto

    The monthly SiVinceTutto lottery, whose name translates to Win It All, offers lotto fans the possibility of attractive prize roll downs and a suspenseful build-up to the lottery's monthly ...

  • Lotto Max

    Lotto Max

    Lotto Max is a Canadian lottery game that replaced Lotto Super 7. A player chooses seven numbers from a field of 49. Lotto Max draw every friday.

  • Ontario 49

    Ontario 49

    The Ontario 49 Lottery offers players five prize categories, a fixed CAD$2 million jackpot and great winning odds. The Ontario 49 draw every Wednesday and Saturday.

  • Greece  Lotto

    Greece Lotto

    The Greek Lotto is the most popular lottery in Greece and is played in the classic 6/49 format. Greek Lotto draw are held twice a week on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

  • Spain Bonoloto

    Spain Bonoloto

    BonoLoto gives Spanish lotto fans the chance to win six times a week! The Spanish lottery draws every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday

  • Ukraine Megalot

    Ukraine Megalot

    Ukraine MegaLot is the Ukrainian lottery that offers amazing winning odds and exciting prizes! Ukraine MegaLot is drawn twice each week on both Wednesdays and Saturdays

  • Ukraine Super Loto

    Ukraine Super Loto

    Ukrainian Super Loto has distributed some of the biggest jackpots in the country. Ukrainian Super Loto draws winning numbers every Wednesday and Saturday

  • France Loto

    France Loto

    France Lotto is France’s most popular lottery with drawings held three times a week: every Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday.

  • United Kingdom Thunderball

    United Kingdom Thunderball

    The UK Thunderball lottery creates lucky lotto winners each Wednesday, Friday and Saturday for its nine prize categories. Select 5 numbers from a guess range of 1 to 39 to Win.

  • Spain El Gordo

    Spain El Gordo

    El Gordo de La Primitiva is one of Spain’s most popular lottery games, best known in lottery circles for its impressive jackpots and the reintegro prize option. El Gordo results held each Su...

  • Hungary Hatoslotto

    Hungary Hatoslotto

    Hungary Hatoslotto is a traditional 6/45 Hungarian draws, offering excellent odds and tax-free prizes! This lottery is held only on Sunday.

  • Russia Gosloto 7/49

    Russia Gosloto 7/49

    Gosloto 7/49 offers you a chance to win huge amounts of money by placing a bet of 20 rubles. A lottery bet in Gosloto 7 out of 49. The draws are held on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

  • Switzerland Lotto

    Switzerland Lotto

    Swiss Lotto is Switzerland's #1 lotto. The Swiss Lotto jackpot commences at CHF 1,500,000 and draws every Wednesday and Saturday

  • Austria Lotto

    Austria Lotto

    Austria Lotto draws every Sunday and Wednesday, offering lottery fans a chance at the tax-free jackpot and nine amazing prize divisions.

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