Oregon Megabucks

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Oregon Megabucks

Oregon Megabucks

Oregon Megabucks is the American state lottery that has created over 240 millionaires. Lottery draws 6 numbers from a set of 48 every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday

Oregon Megabucks Winning Numbers
Draw Date: 12/18/2017 7:29:00 PM
Draw Results: 4 - 9 - 15 - 29 - 33 - 46
Next Draw Date: 12/20/2017 7:29:00 PM
Next Draw Jackpot: $ 5.5 Million

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Oregon Megabucks is the exciting American lottery that features the Kicker, a prize multiplier that increases your secondary prizes by up to four times! Oregon Megabucks has favorable winnings odds that start at 1 in 26, ensuring that new winners are created with every draw!

To get any prize in this American state lottery, match at least three numbers. The Oregon Megabucks lottery also features the Kicker – a prize multiplier that boosts your secondary prizes by up to four times!

Prizes are pari-mutuel, meaning that the size of each prize is determined by sales and number of winning tickets. Oregon Megabucks prizes are subject to local and federal taxes.

Oregon’s Game Megabucks jackpots start at $1 million and grow until someone wins.

Oregon Megabucks draw every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday at 7:29 PM.

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