New Jersey Cash4Life

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New Jersey Cash4Life

New Jersey Cash4Life

Cash4Life is a lottery game that began in New York and New Jersey. Drawings are on Mondays and Thursdays and you can win $1,000-per-day-for-life.

New Jersey Cash4Life Winning Numbers
Draw Date: 12/18/2017 9:00:00 PM
Draw Results: 8 - 9 - 12 - 21 - 45, Cash Ball 1
Next Draw Date: 12/21/2017 9:00:00 PM
Next Draw Jackpot: $7 Million or $1,000 a day for Life

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Each game costs $2; players choose 5 of 60 numbers in the main field, and 1 of 4 green "Cash Ball" numbers in a second field. Matching all six numbers wins, or shares, the equivalent of $1,000-per-day-for-life, or $7,000,000 cash, at the winner's option.

New Jersey Cash4Life top three prize tiers each have a liability limit. If there are an excessive number of winners of a "lifetime" prize tier, such prizes will be paid in lump sum to each winner. Cash option values (which can change periodically) are $7 million for the top prize, and $1 million for second prize.

Cash4Life winnings are subject to state and Federal taxes, except for tickets sold in Pennsylvania to its residents; however, a bill introduced in May 2015 would tax Pennsylvania Lottery winnings of $600 or more regardless of residence.

New Jersey Cash4Life Drawings are on Mondays and Thursdays.

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