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Lottario lottery is creating for players in the province of Ontario. In Lottario draws seven balls are drawn at random with balls numbered 1 to 46. Draws take place once a week on Saturday.

Lottario Winning Numbers
Draw Date: 4/20/2024 11:00:00 PM
Draw Results: 14 - 16 - 21 - 23 - 28 - 42, Bonus 9, Early Bird 3 - 6 - 27 - 39
Next Draw Date: 4/27/2024 11:00:00 PM
Next Draw Jackpot: $250,000

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Lottario jackpot (6/6 number matches) funds accumulate if not won and may grow beyond the $250,000 guaranteed minimum.

A Lottario winning set of numbers entitles a winner to a prize in only one of the above regular draws prize categories. Eligible tickets can also win an early bird prize.

You win on a combination play ticket the same as on a regular selection. However, because you have multiple selections, you can win multiple prizes! 5, 7, 8 and 9 number combination plays are available. Combination plays purchased prior to 12 midnight (Eastern Time) Friday qualify for the early bird draw.

The prize pool for Lottario combination play is based on a pari-mutuel share. A pari-mutuel share is a calculation where the total monies allocated to a prize category are divided by the total number of winners in that category.

Sometimes, customers select certain number combinations more often than other number combinations, and this may result in a reduced prize share.

Lottario tickets are sold until 9 p.m. (Eastern Time) on draw night. Lottario draws take place every Saturday. Lottario prizes must be claimed within 12 months of the draw date.

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