Irish Lotto

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Irish Lotto

Irish Lotto

The Ireland Lotto’s 45-number guess range and bonus number offer players impressive winning odds, more prize categories, and some of Europe’s most impressive prizes.

Irish Lotto Winning Numbers
Draw Date: 12/16/2017 8:00:00 PM
Draw Results: 1 - 21 - 33 - 37 - 38 - 40, Bonus 8
Next Draw Date: 12/20/2017 8:00:00 PM
Next Draw Jackpot: € 9 Million

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Ireland Lotto offers amazing odds and great secondary prizes! Choose six numbers from a guess range of 1-45 to win the jackpot or one of the seven prizes, tax-free.

At each draw six random numbers are drawn, along with one bonus number (for a little extra fun). The minimum play for Lotto is two panels per draw, which costs €3. You can play additional panels for €1.50 per panel.

To win the jackpot of Irish Lotto, players must match 6 numbers from the 1-45 range. Ireland Lottery has 6 secondary prize divisions, which are awarded for matching between 3 and 5 numbers of the regular guess set, both alone and in combination with the bonus number.

The minimum Jackpot is €2 million and rolls-up from there if the jackpot is not won.

Draw days for Ireland Lottery are every Wednesday and Saturday and the draw can be seen live on RTÉ One at around 8pm.Bclottery

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